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Lewis Faulkner – Novelist

A plot with some dare-devil twists, characters you want to spend more time with, and hypnotic storytelling–that’s a given. My novels do that.

But so do a million other novels.

And you can buy a novel anywhere–from a gas station to Amazon.com.

And, there are so many to choose from.

So why would you buy one of my novels?

The answer?

First, Great Storytelling (selecting one of my novels below will take you to a quick synopsis).  

Second, a thing you can only find here.  Free Author Exclusives.

  • Behind-the-scene Videos and Blog Posts that enhance your reading of my novels.
  • You’ll see videos of the actual location where the novel event took place. You’ll get back-stage access to how the characters were created. What inspired the novels.
  • Best of all, let’s say you read something in one of my novels that you want to know more about. Why not shoot me an email and suggest a video or blog post on it? Maybe other readers want to know, too.

Nowhere on the web have I been able to find an author-website that showcases something that innovative–that incredible–for the reader of a novel.

Welcome to FaulknerFiction.com

To enhance your reading of one of my novels?–I’ll do anything this side of crazy. I’ll give you all the back-story, communicate with you, one on one. Give you background on the characters. I’ll share anything you want to know about my novels.

That’s the difference between my novels and everyone else’s.

And that’s why you’re gonna love it here.

Check out my novels.

Check out my Author Exclusive videos.

Don’t just settle for a read. Let’s make this an adventure!



Tracer1200x500pngwBorderThirty-six hours before the end of the Republican National Convention, the husband of a vice presidential hopeful is kidnapped. But the ransom isn’t money; it’s the candidate’s withdrawal from the upcoming election!



HHwhole1200x500pngwBorderUnable to find a job for almost two years, P.J. Griffin decides to exact a desperate revenge on the corporate world. He begins blackmailing corporate executives.



RAD1200x500pngwBorderWhat if Democracy ceased to exist? It’s the near-future, and although Internet voting software has existed for years, computer geek Thomas Bridger has created the killer app–the security code that would make it safe for people to vote in political elections using the Internet! Who cares? Just about everybody (good and bad) in DC.



VDjpgwBorderGet ready for a sexual farce, a tender love story, and the hope surrounding second chances and the ability to change–plus, that secretly-longed-for happy ending!



NNFINALjpgwBorderTwo years ago, Raven lost his license to practice medicine. The reason? Stephanie Lane, the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. A simple face-lift. But something went horribly wrong. On purpose!  



EyeClick A mysterious stranger shows up in a futuristic Loch Ness, Scotland, to discover the answer to what happened during a power outage many years ago.